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Collection of more than 3,000 translation glossaries

By 20 agosto, 2015English, Resources, Translation

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Today we want to talk about the fantastic project by Inbox Translations: a list of more than 3,000 translation glossaries. Inbox Translation is a professional translation agency based in London, UK.


The glossaries have been split into 120 categories: Medicine, mythical creatures, weights, text speak, printing, measurements, beauty, food, gambling, nutrition, noble titles, math and much more.

The vast majority of the topics are monolingual, (English), with a few bi- and multilingual ones among them.

The most extensive list of translation glossaries we have ever seen. A very well-researched list, very helpful, and well worth supporting.


Visit the FREE collection of more than 3000 translation glossaries here.


Thank you so much for your time and see you soon, here, in Translage.